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The Wine of Words

They are random thoughts when my mind meditated on words which lay in a sublime realm. Words flowed freely from the Upanishad Ganges by the Grace of my Masters who imbibed me in Spiritual Ocean from their Merciful Heart. These thoughts were widely appreciated in social networks. Due to this inspiration, I chose to compile them all into a concise book and put forth appropriate images to enhance the quality of concepts.


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സുഭാഷിതങ്ങളും ശുഭകഥകളും
ചിന്തസരിത്സാഗരം (നർമമകഥകൾ)


100 short notes or short verse or Haiku of progressive ideology. These thoughts aroused from Zen, Sufi, and Kabbalistic wisdom baptized in Vedantic doctrines. Comments


DIS - POSSESS the mind & the Sensual urges and cravings & aversions....

Here is one more NEETI-SHATAKA from the sage in Rajesh...

My comment above, is not meant to in a lighter vein Rajesh. for one thing, Barthruhari's Neeti-shataka had a lasting impression on me right from the age of 12, the first time when i learned to recite some of them.....what you are offering in this work of yours is for the FUTURE to absorb & assimilate, and they are.... so NECTAR - SWEET that they would be gulped and lapped up by many over years, decades to.............come.

This ONE is simply AWESOME Rajesh ....
ShreeDhar Shree

Great work Rajesh!
Rafael Stoneman

Very beautiful words, images and design.
Dan Woo

Looks very good Shri Rajesh-ji
Gewan Ji t

Very inspiring!
Cristina Chandika Ma

Looks like a fabulous book with awesome quotes.
Nita Sibia

truth will set you free...awesome...nice heart full of wisdom.
Mimi Mana

I have no words to comment, I m only looking forward to purchase & read this book.
Ranjita Jain

Great Essence of Truth in Life ...... in this Great Words...
Pushpa Radhakrishnan