Rajesh Nanoo was born and bought up in small village in Kerala/India in Jan 2 1974. After Academic studies, he lived his life completely on research. By plunging deeply into subtle philosophies (Upanishad, Zen, Sufism, Taoism, Buddhism, Kabbala), and Semitic philosophy (Judaism, Christianity, Islam) he gained insight.

This background molded him to pen hundreds of poems, articles and studies, which are well known, appreciated worldwide through social networks. He also used to give lectures on the above-mentioned topics. He has acquired a Master Degree in holistic medicine (Reiki, Yoga, Herbalism, Naturopathy) and practiced as healer, trainer and counselor from march 2000.


Interests & Passions -Social networking, blogging, micro blogging, networking, music designing, graphic designing, reading, researching, analyzing and watching movies.

Achievements in Creative Field : My columns and books were published by the top most publishers of that area. Books in Malayalam were published by DC books, and English books where published in create space.

Scripted for Malayalam Feature Film. Written and Directed short films which can be viewed in you tube.