Cosmic Empowerment

An animated short film (nearly 2 minutes)i did for promoting my website. but it also have spiritual nature and these are sample visuals i have in mind when i make films.

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Description - The plot of this film has many layers which had the potential to interpret it as per the viewers choice. It is like a painting which can be interpreted vividly as per the choice of the viewer.

The film starts with a poetical note written by the director and ends with a quote by Rabbi Al Basari. The theme of "Transitions" evolves through speechless musical visuals depicting one full day life of a youngster and this one day can be viewed materially and spiritually. The Plot of the film is like a river which does not have a start or end, it just flows.

The film is released on May 23/2013 at the Vyalopilli Sahitya Academy Hall, Thrissur. The visuals in the films are captured in Cannon 7D and the visuals does not have any CG support. All are raw visuals of mother nature. 

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Life is a saga of the hunter and hunted but who knows once the tale ends, who was the hunter? & who was the hunted? was it all worth? 

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