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Be : Then It Begins

Be : Then It Begins

The whole idea of the book is to make people to be reflective and receptive towards every situation of life. When we are in receptive mode then we hear a song from heart which no one else can hear. When we heed more and more to that inner rhyme then mind becomes sharp, intellectual, transcending, jovial and calm. This makes life progressive. Only when mind progresses towards Truth then only it becomes positive.


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Be : Then It Begins
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ചിന്തസരിത്സാഗരം (നർമമകഥകൾ)

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1. 31 Chapters Highlights Positive Attitude

2. Mindful Matters Towards The Middle Path

3. Sufi Wisdom In Quotes And Stories

4. Vegetarianism And Spirituality

5. Way To Become Veggie

6. Insight About Real Believers

7. Difference Between Religious & Believers

8. Difference Between Debates And Discussions

9. Marriages, Love, Divorces In Relationships

10. Ways To Reduce Stress

11. Does Cries Helps Or Not?

12. Fundamentalism & Secularism

13. Materialist & Spiritualist 

14. Spiritualism V/S Materialism 

15. Highest Charity Among Charities 

16. Ramadan Fasting 

17. Terrorism 

18. Real Reader