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Reiki Manual Two

Reiki Manual Two

Reiki second degree or level manual for all those who have empowered to this level. It gives insight about the reiki symbols, group healing and distant healing. 


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1. Brief Anatomy According To Medical Science

2. Brief Classification As Per Ayurveda

3. Insight Into Subtle Bodies 

4. Reiki Attunements & Benefits

5. Reiki Symbols And Usage

6. Healing Crisis That Can Happen

7. Can Diseases Pass Over To The Healer?

8. Reiki Healing Positions And Its Benefit In Physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual Levels

9. Diseases To Treat Via Chakras

10. Ethics Of The Healer

11. Setting Up A Treatment Room

12. Different Way Of Distant & Group Healing

13. Different Reiki Techniques

14. Reiki Meditations With Symbols

15. Additional Useful Reiki Materials