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Reiki Manual Three

Reiki Manual Three

Reiki first degree or level manual for all those who have empowered to this level. It gives insight into the methodology, history and personalties of Reiki. It outlines the qualification and the way to conduct reiki session. It bestows explanation in detail about alternative modalities and its recognition. 


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Reiki Manual Three
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1. Ethics Of The Reiki Master

2. Food And Diseases

3. Incompatible Food Combinations

4. General Rules About Food Consumption

5. Antidotes For Incompatible Food Combination

6. Tips For Eating

7. Using Master Symbols 

8. Different Nontraditional Symbols With Illustration

9. Healing With Master Degree Symbol 

10. The Method Of Doing Psychic Surgery 

11. Benefits Of Psychic Surgery

12. Master Symbol Meditations 

13. Additional Useful Materials